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Vendor Registration

WSNIA anticipates having another outstanding vendor show in 2019. WSNIA has a one day show that runs from 10am to 8pm. The vendor show is designed to be open so officers can check it out as they arrive, before the summit which kicks off at 1pm. There will be presentations from 1pm to 5 with a long break in-between. Throughout the first day we sell raffle tickets for a number of prices WSNIA has purchased. These raffle tickets raise money for the WSNIA officers memorial fund. Our vendors traditionally donate items as well to be auctioned. We generally have a roaming microphone and will raffle items at your booth. We also have complimentary beer and inexpensive food available with the intent of maximizing the attendee’s time with our vendors. We also open up our vendor show to all local law enforcement as well at no charge. We anticipate having at least 400 officers in attendance. We strongly encourage our vendors to bring inventory to sell at the show when applicable.

Our attendees are narcotics officers and sergeants, task force commanders, some executives, street teams, proactive teams, criminal and investigative analysts. We sell typical 8 foot tables for $500 dollars, however there are additional opportunities for companies to play a more significant role with WSNIA. For those that wish to donate items in lieu of the table fee, please reach out to us. Please complete the contact information link below, then go to the registration form for details. WSNIA Vice President, Chris Foreman is the primary point of contact for our vendors and can be reached at 509-630-7513.