PRESENTED BY: MICHELE STUART, President of JAG Investigations

Hosted by the Washington State Narcotics Investigators Association, NW HIDTA and the Western Region CounterDrug Training Center
With the ongoing threat against Police Officers and their families – this class will outline cellular platform security issues in addition to online personal security risks to help protect you and your family.

November 13th or 14th, 2018 (0830 to 1630)

  • Pick one day that you would like to attend. The same class will be given each day
  • Coffee and light snacks are provided
  • Lunches are on your own

Commissioned Law Enforcement only


Naval Station Everett
2000 West Marine View Drive Bldg. 2000 Auditorium Everett, WA 98207


$49 per person


Please contact Sgt. Mike Martin at m.martin@snoco.org


  • Learn your own personal risks online and by the use of your cell phones
  • Learn cell applications to use in research
  • Learn in-depth researching techniques
  • Locate actionable intelligence
  • Locate and identify personal information
  • Identify private cell phone numbers
  • Locate and search Social Media Platforms
  • Find content of Facebook believed to be private
  • Identify geo location of tweets and Instagram postings
  • Identify EXIF data embedded in photos


  1. Security Concerns
    1. Demonstrate Security and Privacy concerns (both online and cellular) and learn how to protect personal and family information
    2. Provide examples of cellular application security compromises
    3. Provide examples of applications that can be used in an investigation to immediately identify witnesses, threat statements and identify key suspects or witnesses
    4. Show online dangers of being identified and tracked
  2. Public Records
    1. Demonstrate the ability to learn personal information from public record sources
    2. Determine family and business association
    3. Identify personal identifiers useful in an investigation
    4. Provide examples on correct search techniques
    5. Provide examples on how to utilize information located to new search techniques online with open sources
  3. Search Engines and Correct Effective Searching Techniques
    1. Demonstrate the correct techniques for the best search pattern results from search engines
      Boolean searches
    2. Provide real time examples of search criteria manipulation
    3. The law enforcement and the investigative communities now face the problem (and the benefit) of publically available facial recognition software that can assist in identifying a subject and/or identifying a fake account used for investigative purposes. Online in real time instruction will focus on how to utilize these sources.
    4. Learn to utilize Google’s and Facebook’s facial recognition software
    5. Provide real time example of identification of photo
    6. Demonstrate how to identify and locate cached or removed information.
    7. Show how we can pull information from cached sites that allow us to view domains that have been removed back to 1991
  4. Internet Open Sources
    1. Review and identify numerous surface and deep web online open sources to identify residential locations or associated telephone numbers.
    2. Demonstrate which open sources can pull different types of information – associates, family members, gang members / criminal networks
    3. Show the difference between surface web to deep web
    4. Demonstrate how to determine ownership and domain WHOIS information
    5. Provide International research techniques.
    6. Pull cached information from removed sites
  5. Using Social Networking Sites
    1. With estimated billions of social networking profiles and mobile social applications, it will be demonstrated on how to correctly search for information to access these platforms to identify gangs / human trafficking / fugitive locates / drug sales / suspects and witnesses
    2. Cover the security issues as well as how to utilize LinkedIn
    3. Learn how to identify a Facebook ID then learn search capabilities on Facebook and other sources to pull the most useful information on the subject and friends / family
    4. Show the significance of hashtags and the ability to search and follow hashtag conversations over numerous platforms
    5. Demonstrate the capabilities to geo locate Instagram pictures via the actual posting of the pictures
    6. Determine usernames and additional associations
    7. Demonstrate the capabilities to geo locate Twitter postings
    8. Locate personal online photo albums


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