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Training Schedule

Sunday Night Special Event | 7-9 pm | Spouses Welcome

Family Under Fire – Sgt. John Mattingly, his wife Nikki Mattingly, & Psychologist Susan Simon

Opening Session

"Leadership in LE: Where do we go from here?” | Sheriff Mark Lamb, Pinal Co. Sheriff's Office

Officer-Involved Shooting Debrief & Lessons Learned | Jacksonville K9 Officer Jeremy Mason

Fentanyl from a Chemist's Perspective | Chemist Joseph Bozenko, DEA Special Testing Lab

Breakout Classes

Investigating the PLUG: Social Media Drug Traffickers | Det. Tim Gooler, Santa Rosa PD

The Art of the Buy Bust | Det. Jose Rivera, Fresno PD

Cyber Hygiene for LE | Conan Beach, HSI

Photo Analysis (Geolocating) | Jackie Poon, SFC, WAARNG Instructor

Social Media Intelligence and Investigative Solutions | Dan Finan, King County Sheriff's Office

OD Investigations - Why They Matter | WSP Det. Kevin Kingsley & WAARNG 1SG Matt Croft

Chasing Cell Phones | Aaron Edens, San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office

De-Escalation & Tactical Communications, Use of Force Reporting, Testifying about the Force Encounter | David R. Demurjian, Attorney, Police Defense Use of Force Expert

Your Analyst Does What? Innovative Analytical Unit Practices – Spokane County RIG9, Analyst Supervisor Mark Voigtlaender and Analyst Dustin Baunsgard

The Art of an Undercover – Epi Sevillo

Narcotics Case Debriefs: Thunder God (Det. Luke Brandeberry, Tacoma DEA) & Operation Warlord (Whatcom County Sheriff's Office)

Human Trafficking & Child Exploitation Case Debriefs – (2 hours) “Half-Wall:” Sgt. Chad DeVore, Det. Mike Rexach, Det. Alex Grotzsky, & Financial Analyst Mikaela Weber, King County Sheriff’s Office, plus (2 hours) "Master:" Sgt. Dan McDonald WSP/HSI, & AUSA Alison Gregoire

Cryptocurrency & Basic Seizure | WNG CW3 Rhett V. Jordan, CAMS Branch Chief

UC Rescue, Combat First Aid, Enhanced Tactical Medicine (8 hours, 20 students max)

Closing Session Keynote Speaker: Susan Simon, Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress (Spouses Welcome)

The Simon Theory of the Psychological Garbage Can, which is based on the First Responder Lifestyle | Psychologist Susan Simons, Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress.